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It's not so much what he did, it is how it looks to the rest of the American population, the overwhelming percentage of whom wouldn't be able to pick Martha's Vineyard out on a map of the U.S. much less be able to afford to vacation there.

Ok. Ok. Maybe it's not so much how it looks to the rest of the American population. It's how it looks to those of us who have been stuck in Washington, DC (and its former-swampland environs) for most of August and for whom a return trip to the Safeway for oregano is our vacation.

With Members of the House and Senate largely stuck visiting with their constituents during their five week recess, the President's vacation has

--(If Republican) given them something to add to their speech at the start of the tractor pull at the county fair, or

-- (If Democrat) provided yet something else to have to explain about the President who remains stuck in the low 40s in the polls.

The thing about the Worse Week award is that there doesn't appear to be much on the horizon that will make next week, nor the weeks following to be much better.

ISIS, has taken control of an airport in Syria meaning the pressure on President Obama to expand the field into that country may be overwhelming. The Russians are increasing their pressure on the boarders of Ukraine. The grand jury will have to issue a report in Ferguson at some point.

And, as MSNBC reported last week: "The recovery is tepid and fragile, and the improving jobs picture still has a ways to go."

Think about all the times you've said "I need a vacation after my vacation."

Then think about Mr. Obama's week.

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Also, the Mullfoto is from the men's room in a restaurant in Old Town Alexandria, Va.

Rich Galen

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