Rich Galen

First, we don't know how many of those 7.5 million signer-uppers have actually been billed for, or paid, their first month's premium. Those premiums aren't due (for most of them) until Tuesday, April 15th so Press Secretary Jay Carney should be ready with a number at the White House briefing on Wednesday.

Second, we don't have any idea how the insurance companies' actuaries will calculate the companies' exposure when they see how many young people, how many sick people, and how many middle aged people have signed up.

Shorthand: Premiums for next year may be reset much higher and/or with greater deductibles and those will be published prior to the mid-terms because the "open season" to change plans has to include their prices.

So, just as the GOP was on soggy ground claiming the website was proof of failure, the Obama Administration is skating on thin ice claiming the number of sign-ups is the test of success.

Secretary Sebelius has said she's hanging around until her successor is confirmed. Given the speed with which that process has been accomplished, she may still be in her office on Independence Avenue until the next President's choice for HHS has been confirmed.

After her comments this past weekend, I wouldn't extend the lease on the townhouse.

Speaking of whom, OMB Director Burwell was confirmed unanimously by the U.S. Senate and, my advice to Republicans there would be: Unless there is some really good reason to hold this up, go through the due diligence and confirm her.

Don't make Sylvia Mathews Burwell the poster child for everything you hate about Obamacare.

I don't doubt that Secretary Sebelius was less than candid in her appearance before Congressional Committees, but that's sort of in the job description for Senior Administration Officials.

In her defense - in Congress and on television - of the way Obamacare has been going, the only thing missing from the President was a statement like: " Doing a heck-of-a-job there, Sebbie."

Rich Galen

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