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Without re-litigating the Abu-Jamal case, the prosecution had three eyewitnesses to the shooting and two additional witnesses who testified he confessed to the crime at the hospital.

Later appeals commuted his death sentence to life in prison without parole, but the Civil Rights community has been adamant that Abu-Jamal was railroaded.

It seems to me that President Obama through he could use the new Senate filibuster rules on nominations (51 votes moves the nominee along, not 60) to push Adegbile through.

He was wrong.

As my Democratic friends reminded me time and time again during the shutdown fight last fall "elections matter" and President Obama won re-election despite Obamacare.

I would remind them, today, that with the President's approval rating stuck in the low 40's - Fox News released a poll yesterday showing his approval at an all-time low 38 percent - the elections coming up in seven month matter a very, very lot to the men and women on the ballot.

Should Debo Adegbile be, in essence, punished for professionally representing a client?

USA Today quoted Attorney General Eric Holder saying,

"It is a very dangerous precedent to set for the legal profession when individual lawyers can have their otherwise sterling qualifications denigrated based solely on the clients that their organizations represent."

On the other hand, a hundred years ago, during the Monica Lewinsky time, I was on MSNBC with attorney Gerry Spence. You will remember him for wearing a western fringe jacket when he was on TV.

I don't remember about whom we were speaking, but I remember that Spence said he would not represent the guy if asked.

"The Constitution guarantees everyone deserves legal representation," he said. "But not everyone deserves me."

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