Rich Galen

Women's Biathlon is a great sport and there should be more of it. This involves often beautiful, always highly skilled athletes combining cross country skiing and shooting a rifle. Women in tight outfits ... with guns.

As I've said before, the only Olympic event that could be better would be women's Beach Volleyball if they carried 9 mm pistols.

That would be just about the perfect sport.

Hockey is hockey and is fun to watch especially when the USA team wins as the Women's team did yesterday beating Sweden 6-1 in a semi-final game. They will face Canada in the final. The game was not as close as 6-1 score might indicate.

In men's hockey you already know that the US beat Russia in a post-overtime shootout in a preliminary round game. But, I remember when the NHL had stars like Maurice Richard (pronounced ree-SHARD), Gordie Howe and Terry Sauchuck.

Now, players with names like Alex Ovetchkin, Dmitri Kulikov, and Vladislav Namestnikov kill penalties and score goals in the NHL.

Snowboarding? I don't understand any of it. Used to be you stood at the top of the hill, you aimed your skis at the bottom of the hill, the one who got there the fastest, won.

Not any more.

As I finish this column, I am watching Bob Costas' return to the anchor chair after suffering from an eye infection that made him look like a red-eyed demon, scaring little children from Vladivostok to Vancouver.

I have the eye-hand coordination of a garter snake, so there might be just the teeniest bit of jealousy in all this. Just the teeniest.

Rich Galen

Rich Galen has been a press secretary to Dan Quayle and Newt Gingrich. Rich Galen currently works as a journalist and writes at