Rich Galen

There is nothing in the Senate report indicating a cover-up on the part of the Administration even though the attack occurred just 56 days prior to the Presidential election on November 6, 2012. An official government analysis showing heavy al Qaeda involvement (rather than a spontaneous demonstration gone horribly wrong) would have certainly been a major story line.

But, Senator Susan Collins (R-Me), in a separate view, wrote that it should have been a bigger piece of this report:

I believe that more emphasis should have been placed on … the Administration's initial misleading of the American people about the terrorist nature of the attack.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was not singled out for any particular wrong-doing, either pre- or post-attack, but it does not take a PhD in Political Science to know that if she decides to enter the race for President Benghazi will be a significant issue in her campaign.

Even without a cover-up of the nature of the attack, the report is very critical of the U.S. intelligence, military, and diplomatic services which appear to have been unconcerned about the security situation in Benghazi.

The official Committee report (i.e. the part signed by all members)

It is … imperative that those in decision-making positions in Washington, D.C. heed the concerns and wisdom of those on the front lines and make resource and security decisions with those concerns in mind.

The United States government did not meet this standard of care in Benghazi.

"The United States government" is the Administration of President Barack Obama.

Rich Galen

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