Rich Galen

I know you’re going to email me with examples of others who have strayed from the progressive orthodoxy when it comes to gays. But, Robertson didn’t run after a photographer and call him a gay slur like Alec Baldwin.

Should MSNBC have cancelled Baldwin’s show? Not because of that. I wouldn’t have watched it if he started every show quoting MULLINGS. In fact, I haven’t watched anything Alec Baldwin has been in since Hunt for Red October

Martin Bashir was allowed to quit his job on MSNBC for an even viler (if such a word exists) reference to Sarah Palin. I never watched Bashir’s show but I wouldn’t watch a Sarah Palin show (if such a show existed), either.

Cracker Barrel – those country-style restaurants along nearly every Interstate highway – briefly removed Duck Dynasty items from their shelves, but reversed their position about a day later having realized that it was unlikely that people who had waited in line for a breakfast of bacon, eggs, pancakes, orange juice and coffee – or something like that – were not likely to walk out in a huff because an Uncle Si bobble-head doll was on the shelf in the shopping area.

Will I continue to watch Duck Dynasty? Yes. But I will look upon Phil Robertson with far less regard than I did during the one-hour Christmas special last week. I don’t think he’ll care all that much.

Rich Galen

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