Rich Galen

Back in the mid-1950s no one had ever seen anything flying at 60,000+ feet (the design specs called for a plane that could cruise at 70,000 feet) and people seeing moving lights in the night sky over the Nevada desert at 11 miles up, of course, decided they were on crafts piloted by Martians.

The Acela-Corridor Press Corps is fixated on the municipal elections coming up in New York City. They are focused on the Mayor's race -- Anthony Weiner is back in the pack and won't win.

They are also focused on the Comptroller's race because Elliot Spitzer, who resigned as governor after being caught in a Washington, DC, hotel room with a hooker, is trying for his political comeback in that role.

Speaking of elections, there was a boomlet about a week ago for Willie Robertson, the CEO of the duck call manufacturing company featured on A&E's "Duck Dynasty" program, to run for Congress. Willie said he was plenty busy, but thanks, anyway.

I thought Willie was the wrong choice. I would back Uncle Si to run for Congress. I would go to Louisiana to help Uncle Si run for Congress. Uncle Si who has become famous for his malapropisms like "brain sneeze" instead of brain freeze, and off-the-wall observations like "Your beard's so stupid it takes it 2 hours to watch 60 Minutes" would pack 'em in during the One Minute Speeches every day.


Rich Galen

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