Rich Galen

Anyway, Mickelson in 43 years old and had never won the British Open before and he is, as I am, left-handed, so I decided we are sort of buds even though I am 23 years older and couldn't hit a golf ball with a frying pan.

It is traditional that the leader of a major tournament walks up to the 18th green by himself to the cheers of the fans along the way. They doff their caps or visors and try to look like preparing to win the Open (or the PGA or the Masters) is the most natural thing in the world.

Phil Mickelson didn't do that. As he approached the green the announcers stopped talking, and the camera closed in on his face showing his reddened and moist eyes. As someone who cries at happy endings in coffee commercials to the point I make Speaker John Boehner look positively stoic, I am for this.

I was glad I had been pulling for Mickelson all the way.

Rich Galen

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