Rich Galen

With Putin's intractability - from the Obama point-of-view - over Syria and lack of enthusiasm for greater transparency in international financial transactions, not much came out of that bi-lat, either.

Now comes the odyssey of Edward Snowden -- leaker of the NSA information. Snowden had been an employee of government contractor Booz Allen Hamilton in Hawaii (following stints at the CIA and NSA), when he apparently stole and leaked the highly classified documents about the NSA's activities. He surfaced in Hong Kong, which until 1997 was a British Crown Colony and is now under the full control of the Chinese government.

Late last week, the U.S Government asked the Chinese to arrest Snowden and hold him for extradition. The Chinese government refused, saying that the U.S had not provided the full legal documentation necessary.

Over the weekend, it surfaced that Snowden was on the move to Moscow aboard an Aeroflot plane. He is expected to move from Russia to Cuba, then to Ecuador where he will request asylum.

Equador's embassy in London is where WikiLeaks head Julian Assange has been granted sanctuary, so Snowden's request may well be granted. It appears the State Department has finally gotten around to revoking Snowden's passport, so it will be interesting to see which country has issued Snowden the necessary documents to move through multiple immigration and customs lines.

All in all, the summits that President Obama attended with Xi and Putin do not appear to have had the hoped-for results: Better relations between the countries involved.

Rich Galen

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