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"Obviously likes giving speeches more than he does running the executive branch." reported Matthews as saying:

"He doesn't like lobbying for the bills he cares about. He doesn't like selling to the press. He doesn't like giving orders or giving somebody the power to give orders. He doesn't seem to like being an executive."

As Lyndon Johnson is quoted as having said after a negative statement by Walter Cronkite about Viet Nam "If we've lost Cronkite, we've lost the war."

If Obama has lost Matthews, he's lost his Administration.

From this point onward there will be no such thing as a technical error in the Obama Administration. Like a lover scorned, Obama's former supporters in the press corps will see everything as a potential scandal unless proved otherwise.

He has no more Get Out Of Jail Free cards from national reporters.

The Internal Revenue Service is in business because Americans trust it to treat everyone equally without regard to politics or position.

The reports that the IRS was targeting that it believed were opposed to Obama's policies turned out to be true.

The woman who ran that shop refused to answer questions from a Committee of Congress, was asked to resign, refused, and was put on administrative leave meaning she is on a paid vacation.

If Obama's IRS was being used as a political tool, there is no one who will defend it, or him.

We are coming close to the beginning of the 2014 mid-term election cycle.

If House and Senate Democrats come to believe that Obama has become a negative in their districts, they will turn on him like, like Chris Matthews.

We have a lot going on: IRS, Rosen, Associated Press, Benghazi and who knows what else.

Barack Obama is losing his hold on the American people.

He has demonstrated zero skills that would lead us to believe he can get it back.

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Rich Galen

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