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The President is out and about doing what Presidents do - especially when they feel like they're in trouble in Washington - they get out of Washington. This week the President will be in Atlanta, Georgia and Annapolis, Maryland; but look for additional out-of-town trips to be added to the schedule.

The interesting thing about these scandals is there is something for everyone to be concerned about. Benghazi attracts the attention of the national security group. The IRS gets noticed by conservative and good government groups. And, of course, the DoJ getting private phone records of reporters gets under the skin of one of Obama's strongest support groups - reporters.

Another typical behavior is to attempt to wall the President off from any complicity in a scandal.

In these cases we have to believe that no one in the White House thought it was necessary or desirable to tell Mr. Obama

-- about what was really going on in Benghazi - that it was an organized attack and not just a street demonstration gone bad;

-- That his Treasury Department's Internal Revenue Service had a rogue unit operating out of Cincinnati; or,

-- That his Department of Justice was putting his entire legacy at risk by demanding records of home, cell, and business phone calls of Associated Press reporters.

All those are possible, of course. Maybe even probable. But if so, then we are looking at a President who is totally detached from the activities of the Departments of Treasury, Justice, State, Defense, and the CIA.

Maybe he's been spending quality time on what's going on at the Departments of Interior and Commerce.

What we may be looking at is an entire Executive Branch operating independently of the White House.

If that's the case, then there will be more scandals to come and not enough fog on the planet to cover them all up.

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Rich Galen

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