Rich Galen

Of the nominees for Best Picture, I saw "Argo" twice. Once in the theater and last week on a flight back from Paris. I also saw the "Life of Pi" on an airplane. We saw "Lincoln" when it was first released, but not "Zero Dark Thirty" because…well, just because.

We didn't see "Les Mis" because I had broken into open sobbing and wailing during the previews a few months before its release drawing concerned glances from movie patrons sitting around us and that was just a five minute snippet. I would have had to join the group therapy session from "Silver Linings Playbook" if I'd have tried to sit through the whole thing.

I thought the latest Bond flick, "Skyfall" was so good of an action/thriller it should have been nominated for Best Picture, but maybe dispatching M to the great intelligence bureau in the sky put the members of the Academy off. We know how they love to protect paramilitary characters in films.

During the run-up to last night's awards I heard, saw, and read time and again entertainment reporters telling me they would be "live blogging" or "live Tweeting" the event. If you were in a place where you could read a "live" blog or "Tweet" (which would not, one hopes, include driving a car on the New Jersey Turnpike or similar) you would likely be in a place where you could watch the actual broadcast.

Ok. Here's what I really wanted to write about:

Oh, drat. I'm out of space. Maybe I'll peek in on the Academy Awards for just the briefest moment.

Rich Galen

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