Rich Galen

A-listers Matt Damon and John Krasinski, decided to cash in on the anti-fracking frenzy sweeping Hollywood by writing, and starring in, a film called Promised Land about a big, bad natural gas company trying to make a bunch of Pennsylvania farmers really wealthy by putting in natural gas wells on their land.

John Krasinski, as the do-gooding environmentalist, attempts to make Matt Damon see the light about why money isn't everything - especially if you already have a lot of it.

Ok, the movie opened in a few theaters in December to make it eligible for the 2013 Academy Awards.

Wait. Cheap red wine just shot out of my nose.

The producers used every trick in the movie-maker's bag-'O-tricks to market this thing. They ran ads that made Obama and Romney look like cheapskates. They convinced CBS' Sunday Morning to interview Damon. Krainski is the cover story in this month's Delta "Sky Magazine."

Promised Land opened in wide distribution a week ago and came in 10th for the weekend earning about $4.3 million. This past weekend, word-of-mouth having worked its magic, the film only sold about $1 million in tickets - a 67% drop week-over-week.

Promised Land may well go down as the Edsel of movies for the amount of marketing money wasted.

As I have told you before, I do work for T. Boone Pickens on the Pickens Plan, so I have an interest in the expanded use of natural gas.

The people at the edges of our nation have no idea what the people who don't live near an ocean think or desire.

What the social elites believe Americans are interested in have nothing whatever to do with making a living, paying the bills, keeping the house, and getting a good education for the kids.

Rich Galen

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