Rich Galen

Getting back to outright violence when will Hollywood step up and take some responsibility for desensitizing children to the horrors of brutality. Many of the most popular dramas on TV are gruesome murder programs.

You can't watch an NCIS episode without seeing a shot, stabbed, dismembered, and/or burned victim laying on Dr. Mallard's autopsy table.

The USA schedule for today shows 10 straight hours of Law & Order episodes (4 AM - 2 PM) followed by five hours of NCIS reruns (3 PM - 8 PM. After that your kids can watch the manufactured mayhem of professional wrestling for three hours while they're doing their homework.

I'm not picking on the USA network. I know a lot about it, because I watch it so much.

What's the most popular sport in America? Football where slamming into an opponent so hard you knock his brain against the inside of the opposite side of his scull might get you fined by the NFL, but will certainly get you on the highlight show Sunday night.

What's the lesson for young boys and girls who are urged to come out and cheer for their team from Pop Warner to the Washington Redskins?

Of the top 10 video games as ranked by the Washington Post earlier this fall, four were sports-based (two hockey/two football) five were war-based and one - Super Mario Brothers - was … whatever Super Mario Brothers is.

None of this excuses what happened in Connecticut on Friday morning. I'm not at all certain it even begins to explain it.

I do think that if anything good comes out of Newtown it will not be a discussion solely focused on gun laws; it will be a broader discussion about how to how to stop glorifying violence in American culture and how to stop killing ourselves prematurely through totally preventable behaviors.

Rich Galen

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