Rich Galen

Back to politics, the national polling continues to show Obama and Romney in a dead heat - as I type this at 6 AM on Wednesday morning the Real Clear Politics average of national polls has Romney with a lead of zero-point-eight percent.


The storm will put a huge crimp into national polling for the next few days because a significant portion of groups that survey research firms need to reach are dealing with the after effects of Sandy.

The thing about the polls - state polls, national polls, or tracking polls is: We're going to know the answer in less than a week. Meanwhile reporters are analyzing every shift in tactics for a deeper meaning. An Associated Press piece by Tom Beaumont and Brian Bakst led:

Mitt Romney is suddenly plunging into traditionally Democratic-leaning Minnesota and Pennsylvania, and his GOP allies are trying to put Michigan into play. It's forcing President Barack Obama to defend his own turf - he's pouring money into television ads in the states and dispatching top backers - in the campaign's final week.

The Romney campaign want's us to believe that MN, PA and MI are all back in play; but it might be a feint

Spelling tip: Feign is spelled with a "g." Feint is not.

Oh, wait. I just looked it up. Feign is from the Middle English. Feint's etymology is French.

Whew. Glad we cleared that up!

A feint to take Obama out of Ohio for a few days or a few hours in the few days and hours remaining.


Rich Galen

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