Rich Galen

Romney looked at Obama like a CEO might look at a direct-report who has come to a meeting completely unprepared.

Romney, thus, succeeded in reducing Obama's stature as they stood side-by-side.

The problem for the Obama campaign is this. Romney was already beginning to rebound in the polls from about three weeks of being off message.

If the snap polls …


I didn't watch any of the cable chat shows prior to the debate, because I didn't want anyone telling me what I should be "looking for" during a program I was about to watch.

I didn't watch CNN during the debate, because Wolf Blitzer warned us they would have dial-testing lines running at the bottom of my screen telling me what other people were thinking about what I was watching.

I didn't watch any of the post-debate analysis, because I didn't want my analysis about what I had just watched to have been influenced by what anyone else thought I should have thought.

… the snap polls are any indication: (CNN had it 67-25 Romney and a CBS poll had it 46- 22) then the national and battleground state polls will continue to close.

The absolutely dumbest explanation for Obama's dismal performance was from - wait for it - Al Gore who said that Obama had been unduly affected by the altitude in Denver.

First of all Romney wasn't at his sea-level home in Southern California. He was in Denver, too. Second, when I first read the quote I thought Gore said "attitude."

And I thought he was right.

The Obama campaign staff are pretty smart. They know they had the wrong theory about this debate. They won't repeat the mistake.

Think of this debate like it was the make-good for the convention bounce that Romney didn't get.

Rich Galen

Rich Galen has been a press secretary to Dan Quayle and Newt Gingrich. Rich Galen currently works as a journalist and writes at