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"Information," here, being defined as Ambassador Chris Stevens' diary. The "wrong hands," here, being defined as a CNN reporter.

Yeah, Barack. That worked.

We were wrong in attacking Obama for having dissed Benjamin Netanyahu and refusing to have a one-on-one meeting while they were in New York - or in Washington.

Obama didn't have a one-on-one (called a "bi-lat," short for bi-lateral) meeting with any foreign leader.

All those who believe Barack Obama hates doing the job of President but loves being President, raise hands.

Oh. Everyone.

At a concert in Washington, DC this week that noted expert in international political philosophy, Madonna, said

"For better or for worse, all right, we have a black Muslim in the White House, okay?"

That reminded me of one of my favorite Galen-isms:

No matter how good your cause, there is always someone who agrees with you that you wish didn't.

Raise hands if you believe that if Clint Eastwood had said to the empty chair in Tampa "You are a Black Muslim" you think it might have created more of a sensation than a half-naked singer in Washington, DC saying the same thing.

Oh. Everyone.

Finally, in New York, there was much ado about the spat between Japan and China over islands "called Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China, [that are] are controlled by Japan but claimed by China and Taiwan," according to the BBC.

Japan says they bought the islands. China says they were not for sale.

Japan hasn't, to my knowledge, said from whom they bought the islands but it is clear that my earlier suggestion it was from some guy named "Buster" was probably wrong.

Rich Galen

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