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This isn't new. Four years ago, here's how ABC News described the day the Obama campaign announced (at 3 AM) Sen. Joe Biden to be Sen. Barack Obama's running mate:

"Media reports in the hours before the official announcement strongly hinted at the Obama pick: A private plane was tracked flying from Chicago's Midway airport to New Castle, Del., and the Secret Service had been dispatched to protect Biden, the six-term senator."

In a terrific round-up of prior VP announcements, the National Journal's George Condon writes that Bill Clinton

"Was determined to avoid leaks. So for the final interviews, [Sen Al] Gore, Sen. Bob Graham of Florida, Rep. Lee Hamilton of Indiana, and Sen. Harris Wofford of Pennsylvania were snuck through the loading dock of the Capital Hilton Hotel to a suite booked under an aide's wife's name to talk with Clinton."

Both George H.W. Bush (Dan Quayle) and George W. (Dick Cheney) went with their guts in picking their running mates. In New Orleans, so few people knew that Sen. Quayle was going to be the running mate that he had trouble getting through the crowd gathered to see Bush along the Mississippi River shoreline so he could be introduced.

Both father and son won those elections, you might remember.

So, the teams have been set and, as Henry V said in Act III Scene 1 of the Shakespeare play by the same name, "The game's afoot."

Henry's speech opens with another famous saying; also apropos:

"Once more into the breach, dear friends. Once more."

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Also a license plate Mullfoto that I actually had to think about for a while, and a topic-appropriate Catchy Caption of the Day.

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