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The lies just kept on coming when the Obama campaign - including White House aides - said they didn't know nothin' about no Joe Soptic. Can't coordinate with a SuperPAC you know. Don't know the guy. Don't know where the PAC got the footage of him.


Stephanie Cutter - who was one of the most senior Obama White House aides until she left to be one of the most senior advisors to the Obama campaign - was among those who denied knowing anything about Soptic's story.

But reported yesterday afternoon that "Cutter hosted an Obama campaign conference call in May in which Soptic told reporters the very story featured in the Priorities spot."

To the surprise of no one, Bill Burton - the former deputy White House Press Secretary - who runs the PAC said they found the footage "at a union hall" but "we didn't know that he was doing an [Obama campaign] ad."

In another Washington Post piece, reporter Nia-Malika Henderson writes:

"Joe Soptic, 62, has become a go-to figure for supporters of President Obama, appearing this week in his second campaign ad talking about being laid off from a Kansas City, Mo., steel plant that was taken over by Bain Capital in 1993."

Later, she quotes Soptic himself as saying:

"I think the reason they keep coming back to me is because of everything that has happened in our life since the plant closed."

So, a Washington Post reporter knew that Joe Soptic had been used in an Obama campaign ad, Joe Soptic knew he had been used in an Obama campaign ad, the only people who don't know Joe Soptic had been used in an Obama campaign ad is the Obama campaign.

Good thing lying to reporters isn't a criminal offense.

To misquote Roy Scheider's character, Chief Brody, in "Jaws": "I think we're gonna need more Pinnochios."

Rich Galen

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