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Meanwhile over in Colorado, if Romney pulls out a victory it appears it will be close. That would give him two of four wins so far in February. But even if he does win in Colorado, Santorum's two wins last night give him a great deal of positive press for the next three weeks because the Arizona and Michigan primaries aren't scheduled until February 28th.

The only debate this month is in Arizona on the 22nd, which will Gingrich's only opportunity to get in the game. With Santorum riding a wave based upon last night's results Gingrich's raison d'être becomes very thin, indeed.

Even if Romney wins in Colorado, he will suffer the slings and arrows of having done so badly in Minnesota and Missouri and those darts will fly for the next three weeks.

The story line on Romney since the beginning of this cycle has been the GOP base is not just looking for an alternative, but is on a Indiana Jones-like quest for someone else.

Remember the delegate awards from last night will be proportional, and with Gingrich a non-starter, Romney may actually increase his lead on the field, but that will be a difficult tale for the Romneys to tell.

Ron Paul came in second in Minnesota and claimed there would be more good news when the Maine caucuses on Saturday. He has stated over and over again he was going to concentrate on the caucus states and, while that strategy will not lead to the nomination, it certainly makes him a significant player.

As I may have mentioned before, I have to write three days a week. Chaos is my friend.

The GOP nominating process is my friend.

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Rich Galen

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