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About 11 am Eastern time the story began to change as reporters got the word that the Romney campaign was putting a new event on the schedule; presumably the Trump endorsement.

Former U.S. Rep. Bob Walker, who is a senior advisor to the Gingrich campaign said, according to the Wall Street Journal, "he didn't know of any contact between the former speaker's campaign and Mr. Trump's camp that would have caused the false rumor of an endorsement."

Remember that the only reason the Gingrich campaign is still standing is because of the reported infusion of $10 million by Sheldon Adelson who is one of the major players in the casino business on the Las Vegas strip.

Trump - who has casino assets in Atlantic City and a hotel in Las Vegas - turned the entire show into a show about Trump. Romney was scenery.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

Before unveiling his backing of Mitt Romney on live television Thursday afternoon, the real-estate mogul milled around the gilded lobby of the hotel bearing his name, holding multiple impromptu news conferences.

I Tweeted during the day that "On days like this remember that old saying: No matter how sound your position, there is always someone who agrees with you, you wish didn't."

The amount of chaff thrown up by the Trump endorsement might not have meant much in terms of votes, but it did have the beneficial effect of choking off commentary about Romney's clanging statement from the day before about his lack of interest in the very poor.

Even though Romney was obviously saying the poor have a safety net and he was more interested in making certain the middle class didn't descend into the ranks of the poor, it was immediately seized upon by Republicans and Democrats alike.

Romney owes Trump a big thank you, not so much for the endorsement, but for being Donald Trump.

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Rich Galen

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