Rich Galen

So next Tuesday night when some genius on some cable network tries to sound insightful by saying that the winner of the Republican Caucuses can take scant pleasure because he (or, improbably, she) only got 30-something percent of the votes, meaning 60-something percent of Iowa Republicans wanted someone else you can say at the coffee machine Wednesday morning that Barack Obama won four years ago with 38 percent. So, 62 percent of Iowa Democrats wanted someone else.

By a week from today the Republican field will likely be smaller. As I wrote in my Daily Beast column yesterday

It is not unlikely to that two of these three candidates: Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, and Santorum will bow out between the announcement of the results Tuesday night and midday Thursday. A combination of finishing at the bottom, a look at their campaign's bank account, and an examination of fund-raising trends will provide the necessary guidance.

Which of those three will drop out; who will win; who will come in third or fourth are all part of the excitement of Iowa. So, for all the sighs and eye-rolls from the ultra-sophisticated political establishment, Iowa counts and hundreds of political reporters will be there to cover it.

I'll be in Des Moines starting on the night of January 1st.

Can't miss it.

Rich Galen

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