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That may not be the case amoung the Europeans. The two big economies are the French and the Germans who have, as you know if you have watched any more than 37 seconds of the Military Channel, not always gotten along.

It seems that the Northern Europeans are growing wearing of bailing out the Southern Europeans which include Greece, Italy, and Spain.

Greece, Italy and Spain are among the "have nots" in this version of current economic mini-series; France and Germany are the "haves." Switzerland, although not a member of the EU and does not use the Euro as its official currency, is also one of the "haves" because … just because.

One person with a sign is a protest. A crowd of protestors is a demonstration. A crowd of demonstrators turned violent is a riot. A massive riot turned inward is a rebellion. A successful rebellion is a revolution. A nationwide revolution turned outward is ... a war.

Stay tuned.

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Rich Galen

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