Rich Galen

This Libyan thing. If the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defense forces decide to go into business for themselves, instead of falling into formation under the rule of the Transitional National Council, the unrest there may go on for years, not weeks.

Western media are still in the thrall of their excitement of the other night when they thought there was going to be a clear moment of victory over Muammar Gaddhafi. Yesterday afternoon they were reporting rumors that the rebels has surrounded an apartment house in which Gaddhafi was holed up.

The rumor was later found to be untrue, but that is what made it a rumor in the first place.

I'm going start a rumor later today that Haile Selassie is alive and living in Graceland.

Then I'm going to the Safeway to get bread and milk. And Double Stuf Oreos.

Rich Galen

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