Rich Galen

Well, let's see . . .

The Timothy Geithner-imposed deadline of August 2 to increase the debt limit is one day closer and the Republican-controlled House passed a debt reduction bill that (a) the Senate won't pass and, even if it did, (b) the President wouldn't sign.

If there are 308 million people in America, count me among the 307,999,993 who don't understand why this is so hard.

I assume there are seven people who get it.

No one thinks the federal government is spending too little money. The problem is, most of us think the government is spending too much money on programs which benefit someone else.

In a little under six months I will turn 65 and will be able to claim the senior discount at Harry Potter movies; be able to get in line for the early-bird meat loaf special at almost every restaurant in Florida; and, what else? Oh, yes, I will be eligible for Medicare.

I have no idea how Medicare works, and I have private health insurance but I will tell you this: DON'T TOUCH MY MEDICARE! Cut someone else!

I tweeted last week that I was listening to the all-news station on my way to the office and I was subjected to ad after ad from group after group telling me, in the most heart-wrenching terms, why the government must not cut funds from its program. Cut someone else.

Every dollar of the $3.7 trillion dollars that the Federal government is scheduled to spend before September 30, 2011 has got a patron - someone who believes that dollar is not just a good and necessary expenditure; but better and more crucial than any other of the dollars the government is scheduled to spend. Cut someone else.

They all can't be the most important. Some of those dollars have to be less important than some of the other dollars.

Same as tax benefits. Every line in the 3.7 trillion page U.S. tax code has a patron - someone who believes that every dollar of a tax exemption, tax extension tax credit, tax deduction, or tax abatement is not just good and necessary but is better and more crucial than any other of the dollars the government is scheduled to collect. Cut someone else.

Our national motto, "In God We Trust" is done. Finished. Null. And. Void.

The new national motto is: "Cut Someone Else."

Well, boys and girls, the days of pretending we can have as much we want and for it we can pay as little as we want are over. Finished. Null. And. Void.

We can't keep acting like eight-year-olds on Christmas, checking off the presents under the tree against the list we so carefully drew up with no regard to how much they cost nor how much money there was to buy them.

Rich Galen

Rich Galen has been a press secretary to Dan Quayle and Newt Gingrich. Rich Galen currently works as a journalist and writes at