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In spite of that, 58 percent said that it would be a "deal killer" if a candidate "Supports civil unions for gay and lesbian couples" which is interesting in that same-sex marriages are already legal in Iowa.

Last cycle there was no incumbent and no heir-apparent on either side.

In the May 2007 Iowa Poll, Romney was leading with 30%, John McCain came in at 18% essentially tied with Rudy Guiliani who was at 17%. Mike Huckabee trailed the field at only 4 percent at this point four years ago.

In the October, 2007 Iowa poll, Hillary Clinton led with 29% with John Edwards (23%) and Barack Obama (22%) essentially tied for second. In the poll released just prior to the actual caucuses in January 2008, the Register poll found Barack Obama (32%) leading Hillary Clinton (25%) and John Edwards (24%).

On the Republican side, that same poll released in December 2007, showed Mike Huckabee leading Mitt Romney 32% to 26%. John McCain came in third at 13% with Ron Paul and Fred Thompson tied at 9%.

When actual Iowans went to their caucuses Obama won with 940 votes (37.6% of the total) with Edwards edging out Clinton by seven - 7 - votes 744 to 737 or 29.7% to 29.5%.

On the GOP side Mike Huckabee cruised to a victory with 34.4% to second place finisher, Mitt Romney's 25.2 percent. Fred Thomason and John McCain tied for third with just over 13%.

In 2004, John Kerry won the Iowa Caucuses and went on to be the Democratic nominee, Four years earlier, when Republicans had a contested primary, George W. Bush won the caucuses won the nomination and the Presidency.

So is Iowa predictive of the ultimate winner? Well, yes and no.

Rich Galen

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