Rich Galen

Let's focus on the important things: -- Newt Gingrich's selection of jewelry stores and cruise lines; -- Anthony Weiner's selection of Twitter recipients; and -- The Alaskan government's selection of which of Sarah Palin's emails to release.

I am so ambivalent about these emails that I did something I can't remember having done before: I turned down an opportunity to be on TV to talk about them. For someone with an ego the size of Jupiter, that is no small thing.

I did, however, chat with a Post reporter on Saturday morning which resulted in this quote from me in yesterday's paper:

"I will be shocked when we get through the 24,000 pages if there is any nugget that adds anything other than proof to what people already know about her, which is that she's petty and vindictive against people she dislikes and charming to people she does like."

When I asked whether the reporter was embarrassed by the resources being devoted to this effort, she said that Palin might be a candidate for President and so this was important.

I asked whether there had been FOIA requests for the three other former Governors in the race: Romney (Massachusetts), Pawlenty (Minnesota), or Huntsman (Utah); or if there was one for a certain former State Senator, Barack Obama (Illinois)?

She said she didn't think so.

Rich Galen

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