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Sarah Palin is playing the national press corps like a she is Itzak Perlman and they are a Stradivarius violin.

As the national political conversation has moved to real candidates who are really running for the GOP nomination, Palin was not being mentioned.

So, she got herself a bus; announced it is not a campaign bus; and successfully conned the national press to chase after her as she rode a motorcycle in Washington, DC; shopped in Gettysburg, PA, and had dinner at a pizza joint in New York City with Donald Trump.

Some months ago during the Q & A portion of a speech I was going through the likely candidates and I left Palin off my list. A woman challenged me saying she attracts large crowds, who want to see her, and want to hear what she has to say.

I said that was true, but was also an accurate description of the appeal of Elvis Presley and he was never going to be President of the United States, either.

Sarah Palin is a great personality. She was not a good Governor of Alaska, she was not a good candidate for VP, and she will not even attempt to be a candidate for the Republican nomination for the 2012 election.

Palin might not know much about history, or geography, but she knows all she needs to about self-promotion.

I wonder if she taught The Donald anything over a slice of pepperoni.

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Rich Galen

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