Rich Galen

My guess is, not that many people in Ethiopia were gazing up at the sky at 6 PM Saturday but, given the amount of coverage I saw on the U.S. cable nets, it's a good thing Rev. Camping called for the world to end on a Saturday. Had it been during the work week - the Western work week - it would have had a measurable impact on productivity figures for May.

I need someone to put February 21, 2012 on their Outlook calendar and remind me to check and see if, nine months after many couples may have thought there was no real downside risk to … you know, there will be an uptick in births.

The best line of the whole thing was reported to have been from the WSJ's James Taranto who wrote that the people who were wrong about the rapture shouldn't worry because being wrong wasn't the end of the world.

Rich Galen

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