Rich Galen

According to reports, some 5,000 people packed themselves inside the state capitol building to protest making teachers and other state workers pay a part of their pensions and health care.

Apparently they were out of town last November 2 when the voters of Wisconsin actually elected Scott Walker over Democrat Tom Barrett.

Your guy, Barack Obama, immediately took sides saying, "the Wisconsin proposal seems like an assault on unions."

If only Wisconsin state workers were members of the Auto Workers Union. The US Government would take control of the Wisconsin state government, arbitrarily cancel all the state's debts and pay the union members bonuses. Just like GM.

New Jersey's Republican Governor Chris Christie is getting a lot of ink, but Gov. Scott Walker should get equal kudos for putting the issues on the line.

Democrats in Madison are, much like their colleagues here in Your Nation's Capital: Hiding their heads in the sand; unable and/or unwilling to make tough choices.

On the broader question of what is a legitimate form of protest, Barack Obama his hand-maiden Hillary Clinton may have opened a Pandora's Box in their zeal to support the rioters in Cairo and their refusal to make a judgment call on the rioting in Bahrain.

Any group which disagrees with the position of a legally elected city council, county commission, state legislature or … dare we say it … Congress of the United States has been given the active permission of Barack Obama to riot in support of its views.

Once a Community Organizer …

Rich Galen

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