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The Democrat-controlled Senate did join the Republican-controlled House in repealing that portion of Obamacare which required small businesses to file IRS 1099 forms for any vendor to whom they paid $600 or more.

Keep in mind this provision was put into the health care bill by Democrats last year to help pay for Obamacare. Someone should ask the Congressional Budget Office to re-score the law without this provision.

New Topic:

Attacks on journalists - maybe all journalists but we are only hearing about American journalists - in Egypt are troubling, but may lead to wider questions.

As we have discussed before journalists consider themselves to be a protected class like Priests, Rabbis, doctors and lawyers. The big difference is: Anyone can claim they are a reporter.

We generally expect that the others on that list to have convinced some official body that, at a minimum, they (a) understand the New Testament, (b) understand the Old Testament, (c) can tell a pancreas from a great toe, or (d) can tell a writ of mandamus from a temporary restraining order depending upon their specialty.

I am not in favor of thugs attacking reporters, any more than I am in favor of thugs attacking anyone else. When I was in Iraq, reporters had the word "PRESS" emblazoned on their clothing and vehicles.

People who were fluent in Arabic came to recognize the odd symbols which made up the word "PRESS," understood they were reporters and, for the most part, let them alone.

It may be time for major news outlets to pool coverage of events like the Tahrir Square demonstrations and attempt to gain competitive advantage not from better video, but better analysis.

Rich Galen

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