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The Republicans running in New York for U.S. Senate don't have much of a chance either, but tell me - without looking it up - who the Republican candidates are for either U.S. Senate race in New York - the regular election in which Chuck Schumer is running for re-election; or the special to fill the rest of Hillary Clinton's term in the seat currently held by Kirsten Gillibrand.

The answers are Jay Townsend (Schumer) and Joe DioGuardi (Gillibrand).

Why don't you hear about them? Because neither represents what the popular press considers to be a poster child for the Tea Party movement as they do Sarah Palin and Christine O'Donnell.

It's Palin v Obama in the final week. My money's on Sarah.

New Topic:

In the never ending series of polls being published one caught my eye. The Newsweek poll had Obama's approval rating at 54-40 - +14. This is so far afield from every other poll from any other publication, I looked at the data.

This is the title of the poll (and I am not making this up):

Newsweek Poll

Congressional Elections/Marijuana

Princeton Survey Research Associates International

Hey, man, what'd you ask me? Obama? Yeah, I think the dude's doin', like, fine.

Rich Galen

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