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Apologies are due Mr. Blair, as well, I think.

According to the International Herald Tribune (a division of the New York Times) which is based in Paris:

A "travel alert" of the kind issued Sunday is considered to be far less disruptive than a "travel warning" that would advise Americans to stay away from certain high-threat areas.

In case you were thinking of changing your plane ticket from CDG (Paris) to LHR (London) consider this from the Herald Tribune quoting the British home secretary, Theresa May, on the American alert:

"As we have consistently made clear, we face a real and serious threat from terrorism," Ms. May said in a statement Sunday. "Our threat level remains at severe -- meaning that an attack is highly likely."

According to the French news service Agence France-Presse (AFP), "U.S.-based airlines reported no noticeable increase in ticket cancellations Sunday after the United States and Britain warned their citizens of an increased risk of terror attacks in Europe."

As of 9:00 last night neither Delta Airlines' nor American Airlines' web pages (I am a million-miler on each) contained any mention of the travel alert for Europe.

While official Washington has been focused on the departure of Rahm Emmanuel as the White House Chief of Staff, and Larry Summers as economic advisor, it should be focused on the President's national security team.

As abysmal as Obama has been on domestic policy (9.6 percent unemployment comes to mind) his foreign policy is even more inept. And more physically dangerous.

George W. Bush and Tony Blair saw the world as it is: Dangerous, especially for those who show evidence of weakness.

Barack Obama sees the world as he wishes it to be: A Coca-Cola commercial in which teaching the world to sing "perfect harmony" will solve everything.

It made for a wonderful TV ad, but not very effective foreign policy. I wish Bush and Blair were still in office.

Rich Galen

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