Rich Galen

"Sixty-two percent of independents questioned say they would vote for the generic Republican in their district, with three in 10 saying they'd cast a ballot for the generic Democrat."

More bad news for the Ds? Ok. You may remember that following the primaries in late August, I wrote about the fact that far more Republicans had voted primaries than Democrats.

I was more-or-less making that up, but it turns out I was correct. According to American Unversity's Curtis Gans, "Republican turnout in their statewide primaries exceeded Democratic turnout in theirs by more than 4 million votes" which USA Today said was "statistical proof of the 'enthusiasm gap' that pollsters and pundits have been talking about."

Gans wrote that was the first time more Republicans have voted in mid-term primarys since 1930 which is when Democrats were still new at blaming Herbert Hoover for everything.

What's behind this? The LA Times' editorial board put its collective finger on it over the weekend when the Times published an editorial pointing out that according to Friday's statistics, "14.9 million people unemployed, in addition to the 8.9 million who are employed part time because they can't find full-time jobs."

The Ds, according to the LAT, were slow to respond when "having counted on last year's $787-billion stimulus package to revive the economy, joblessness continued to increase through much of 2009."

The House and Senate will be back today and, having spent six weeks listening to the economic woes of their constituents, will be desperate to show that this time they really, really do care about unemployment.

Here's a good idea: Every Representative and Senator and every Committee should reduce the number of staff by 10 percent, immediately - sort of like cut-down day in the NFL.

They won't be allowed to replace those people until the national unemployment rate drops to under five percent. It will save us money and will help the Members and their staffs understand what life is like in the real world.

Rich Galen

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