Rich Galen

Speaking of swamps, President Barack Obama threw his Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsac, into one in an interview scheduled for broadcast on ABC's "Good Morning America" program this morning. According to Reuters, Obama said that Vilsak "jumped the gun, partly because we now live in this media culture where something goes up on YouTube or a blog and everybody scrambles."

Everyone in class who thinks Vilsak fired Shirley Sherrod without any contact with the White House raise hands.

Anyone? Anyone? Yeah, me neither.

Wednesday, Vilsak's news conference was carried live by every cable news channel. That's the first time that an announcement by a Secretary of Agriculture has been carried live since 1983 when Mortimer and Randolph Duke were waiting for the orange crop forecast in "Trading Places."

This was supposed to have been a big week for the Obama Administration and Democrats generally. With the appointment of a temporary replacement for Senator Robert Byrd, the Ds had enough votes to pass an extension of unemployment benefits which was sent over to the House for agreement. The President staged a huge ceremony for the signing of the Financial Regulation bill. Then he signed the unemployment extension.

What will we remember of this week?

Shirley Sherrod being shafted by the Obama Administration and Charlie Rangle being, in essence, indicted by the House ethics committee.

Doesn't seem fair, somehow. Does it?

Rich Galen

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