Rich Galen

- Banning all off-shore drilling: 20% more supportive; 37% less (-17)

The Obama Administration is pressing this hard in the courts

- Having loaned money to the auto industry: 17% more supportive; 48% less (-31)

People have come to understand that Obama bailed out the United Auto Workers Union not the United States auto industry.

Even though the people Bloomberg's pollsters talked to thought that Obama was doing a good job as President, 52-44; there was no issue area (the Gulf spill, economy, deficit, Afghanistan, jobs, health care or Wall Street) that he got over 50 percent of the people thinking he was doing a good job.

One last polling bit. Gallup does a regular tracking poll on the U.S. job market. Gallup asks about 1,600 working adults whether their company appears to be hiring, keeping the number of employees about the same, or laying people off.

The latest numbers are:

- 27 percent say their company is hiring
- 46 percent say the headcount is staying about the same
- 21 percent say their company is letting people go.

Depending upon whether you see the employment glass as being half empty or half full, either 73 percent say things have leveled out or are getting better; or 67 percent say things are no better or are getting worse.

If there are any Republicans still trying to decide what issues to run on in November, there are some pretty good suggestions.

Rich Galen

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