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China did not want North Korea to be publically blamed for sinking the South Korean ship and made it known it would veto any statement which assigned such blame.

So, the United Nations Security Council issued a statement which stated, in part:

In view of the findings of the Joint Civilian-Military Investigation Group led by the Republic of Korea … which concluded that the DPRK was responsible for sinking the [ship], the Security Council expresses its deep concern.

Note the careful construct: It had been determined that North Korea (DPRK) was responsible and that was a matter for "deep concern."

But the Security Council gave North Korea equal time when it said:

"The Security Council takes note of the responses from other relevant parties, including from the DPRK, which has stated that it had nothing to do with the incident."

Kim Jong-il was at lunch when the South Korean ship was sunk. Don't know nothin' about no torpedoes sinkin' no ships.

It took the U.N. from March 26 to July 9 to negotiate a statement which condemned the sinking of a naval vessel but, in spite of overwhelming evidence, refused to condemn the country which launched the attack.

We pay about a fifth of the U.N. budget. We allow the representatives to the U.N. to live in luxury housing in mid-town Manhattan, eat in the best restaurants, drink the finest wines.

As we've discussed here before, if the world were serious about having a United Nations it would be headquartered in someplace like Ethiopia or Chad, where the action is.

The budget request for FY 2011 from the Obama administration for UN activities is about $4 billion. That represents about one out of every five dollars the United Nations will spend.

The United Nations is a great idea - on paper. In reality it is worse than useless, because it allows rogue nations like North Korea to commit an act of war and get away with it.

Let's say good-bye to the U. Sless U.N.

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