Rich Galen

All of that overwhelmed the release of some polling numbers which may add to the woes of Democrats running for re-election in November.

CNN released a poll showing that, although the President remains at about a 50 percent approval rating overall:

"58 percent said they were 'not very confident' or 'not at all confident' that his administration could prevent another spill like the one in the Gulf of Mexico, and 68 percent doubted the Gulf could be restored to its former condition.

Earlier in the day, the Pew organization released a poll of non-US citizens' view of President Obama which, overall, showed much higher numbers than his approval here at home. However, among Muslims, support is faltering in spite of a major speech to the Muslim world he gave in Cairo last year.

The Washington Post reported:

"According to a new poll, the Muslim world has not exactly grasped [Obama's] extended hand. In fact, Muslims have lost confidence in Obama over the past year, the poll found.

"In Egypt, the Arab bellwether nation where Obama chose to deliver his speech, the U.S. standing today is worse than during the final year of the Bush administration."

Congressional hearings are like USA Network's summer replacement series: Lots of fun to watch, but nothing much memorable happens.

Rich Galen

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