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A Gallup study of Mexican adults shows that of the nearly one-in-five who would like to leave Mexico, "Gallup estimates 6.2 million Mexican adults say they would like to move permanently to the United States if given the chance."

This will not go away. Starting in January - when his re-election campaign will begin gearing up - Obama will be faced with, at a minimum, seriously decreased majorities in the House and Senate and, at a maximum, staring down the barrel of at least one Chamber being in Republican control.

Obama's team will be attempting to re-assemble the excitement among the coalitions which carried him to the White House in 2008, but Democrat Members of the House and Senate may well find it uncomfortable to parrot the Obama line.

Speaking of Gallup, the daily three-day tracking poll showed more bad news for the President. In the polling done June 7-8-9, Obama's approval rating has dropped to 44 percent with 48 percent disapproving - an all-time low.

Gallup's analysis shows that Democrats are staying with their man with 79 percent approving. Only 13 percent of Republicans, no surprise, approve of Obama's handling of the Presidency.

The problem for Obama is that those who identified themselves as independents tracked the overall result - 44 percent approve of the President's performance.

Remember that independents swung toward the GOP candidate in the last three statewide races: Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Members of the House and Senate up for re-election in less than five months know that in many districts, especially the districts which are being most hotly contested, Republicans plus Independents will be the winning combo.

Much of the decline has to do with the BP oil spill: Constant footage of the oil spewing from the well under the Gulf of Mexico, empty threats by the Administration to BP, and the strange decision to have the President use the "A" word on the Today show in an attempt to show that he's a tough guy have all added up to a decline in American's confidence in his ability to do his job.

Rich Galen

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