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If that is the case, then how is it that for weeks his people have stating - quite strongly - that this was BP's problem, that BP had the responsibility (and the expertise) to fix it, but the administration was keeping a really, really close eye on BP, believe-you-me.

Just last week the EPA told BP to stop using some dispersant on the oil slick because it was toxic. BP told the EPA to take a hike and refused to stop using the stuff.

Just in case Obama's people in New Orleans have misplaced it, here's the number for the White House: 202-456-1414 so they can call the President and make BP do what the President wants them to do just as they have been doing since this began.

There was more Tinkering with the Truth yesterday. Again, just prior to the President's news conference the word went forth that the technique for capping the well known as "top kill" was working.

This was in spite of the fact that the Associated Press was reporting at about 8 PM last night that, "BP said it should know by late Friday if the technique worked."

So, how could anyone have known on Thursday morning that it was successful?

Oh. If the mudslinging maneuver doesn't work, wanna know what's next? According to, it's called a "junk shot." BP (under the personal direction of President Obama) will try to inject "golf balls and tire shards" into the well to try and stop the leak.

I am certain this is a perfectly excellent technique, but if I were writing for a late-night TV show I would have staffers stop cars with Obama bumper strips and ask if they would be willing to donate one of their tires for this effort, "It's for Obama, you know."

Then, I would have them stand in front of the clown's mouth and the windmill at the local miniature golf course asking the golfers if they minded giving up their golf balls to stop the oil leak in the Gulf of Ocean.

No more nor less tinkering with the truth than Obama did yesterday.

Rich Galen

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