Rich Galen

If a squad of American soldiers happens on some drug or human smugglers will they be permitted to detain them? Arrest them? Pursue them in U.S. territory? Pursue them … into … Mexican … territory?

If they are fired upon from the Mexican side of the border, can they return fire?

There are dozens of these kinds of scenarios. The major question is: Is Obama putting U.S military personnel in harm's way because his job approval is dropping? I hope not, but we need an explanation from an administration official who is authorized to speak. Someone like President Obama.

MULLINGS will be making a personal inspection tour of the oil spill on Saturday. As personal punishment I will be traveling from Washington, DC to New Orleans by train. By AMTRAK train. It is expensive, inefficient, and inconvenient. It takes about 27 hours and that is only if all the cars stay on the tracks the entire way.

I suspect someone leaked my excellent plan to the White House staff because they announced yesterday that the President will be making a trip to Louisiana to look at the oil spill on Friday.

Obama has been roundly criticized for planning on attending fund raisers and other political events in California while forcing Napolitano and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to be the public faces of the increasingly inept government handling of the increasingly destructive oil spill in the Gulf of Ocean.

Rich Galen

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