Rich Galen

Over the weekend the BBC reported that Gordon Brown remains at Number 10 (10 Downing Street is the address of the Prime Minister's Residence) because he is: "He is sticking to the letter of Britain's unwritten constitution."

One doesn't know if "sticking to the letter" of an "unwritten constitution" was an example of British understated humor, as dry as Gordon's gin (which, because I was writing about Gordon Brown is an example of broad, in-your-face, Mullings humor); or, it was the result of the BBC editing staff having taken the weekend off.

The United Kingdom has been reduced in importance and influence in world affairs. In fact, if American's didn't love the way high-class Britons speak English, we might not care about them at all.

The U.K. ranks behind the U.S., China, Germany and maybe Russia. But the U.K. is way ahead of France on the "who-cares-what-they-think" scale.

Sometime this week there will be a new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He will come to the U.S. to visit with President Obama who, as we speak, is having an updated collection of his speeches burned to a CD, along with an autographed official Presidential to give as a present.

Rich Galen

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