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According to a theory propounded by the Christian Science Monitor, the Feds had followed Shahzad to JFK, allowed him to park his car (in which they found a 9mm pistol), and allowed him to check in.

According to the CSM, Dr. Joseph King, a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York theorized:

"Probably the clerk when he checked in was not an airline employee but a federal agent. Shahzad was probably never more than five feet from an agent the whole time."

The whole point of the exercise was to see if a confederate was on the plane which agents (who had presumably pre-boarded had) would detect by his "making eye contact or winking."

The Feds ordered the plane back to the gate and they took Shahzad into custody.

This whole Times Square episode points out how dangerous the world remains, notwithstanding the Obama Administration's on-going policy of attempting to nice our enemies into submission.

Obama is sailing through some rough seas.

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Rich Galen

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