Rich Galen

Jonathan Weiler, who bills himself as a "Professor of International Studies at UNC Chapel Hill" which he may, in fact, be, wrote in the Huffington Post about "the ugly underbelly of the tea party movement - the degree to which it is animated by racial resentment and a more general antipathy toward outgroups and difference."

I would be shocked if Prof. Weiler has ever descended from his safe haven in Chapel Hill to actually speak with, or be around, a tea partier, but the First Amendment protects freedom of speech whether the speaker has any idea what he's talking about or not.

Which is how cable news shows stay on the air.

My favorite sign was one which read: "You Can't Fix Stupid."

If the Left thinks this thing is running out of steam, they are likely to be very surprised on or about November 3 after the mid-term elections.

It is a little too early start going District-by-District to predict how many seats the GOP may pick up in the Fall, but it will not longer be a shock if Nancy Pelosi comes to work on January 3, 2011 as the Minority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Rich Galen

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