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Former Clinton press secretary, Dee Dee Meyers told the news outlet that the President "worked the room for a few minutes, shaking hands and posing for candid pictures - not taken by the White House photographer - before leaving the party."

I know what you're thinking:

Aww. How awful for you. You have to go to a party at the White House but won't get photo with the President. Tell you what. Give me your invite. I'll go and suffer on your behalf.

Most people never get to go to the White House for a Christmas party. Those who do, may get to go but once in an eight-year Presidency. Almost anyone who has gone has that photo with the President and First Lady framed and displayed on the mantelpiece for decades - perhaps for generations.

Sounds like a small thing, but it is further evidence of the growing impression that Barack Obama is cold, distant and doesn't play nicely with others.

We voted for change. That's what we're getting.

Mullpal Ginny Wolfe pointed out that the increasingly-anti-Obama group, is incensed about the health care deal apparently making it its way to the Senate floor which not include a public option.

According to the Left-wing group's web page:

"Instead of pulling out all the stops, they've bargained away the heart of health care reform - allowing conservative senators like Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson to hold the process hostage and protect Big Insurance."

When President Obama was riding high in the polls a threat by might have gotten some notice on Capitol Hill. But a quick peek at the RealClearPolitics Presidential approval poll summary is shocking.

Of the eight polls listed, only one - ONE - has Obama's approval over 50 percent. Three have his approval at only 46 percent.

Not a pretty picture.

Rich Galen

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