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"You are gonna use three of them," the staffer says. "They are gonna be under 16, so you is eligible to get child tax credit and additional child tax credit."

The man knows his tax law.

Last week the Census Bureau "severed its ties" with ACORN after these videos were released.

If the geniuses over at the Census can't use ACORN, maybe they should make a deal with Hamiz Karzai's brother.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development pays organizations like ACORN to help poor people work their way through the paperwork necessary to get a house. The Senate voted yesterday 83-7 to forbid HUD from doing business with ACORN.

The House will have to agree for HUD to be barred from contracting if with ACORN. Let's see if the House Democrats, whose tender sensibilities were so badly battered by Joe Wilson last week that they well and truly got the vapors and just had to vote for a Resolution of Disapproval for Wilson, have the guts to vote with the Senate.

According to the website:

President Obama, who was once an attorney for ACORN, has not commented publicly on the embattled group's growing troubles.

Speaking to ACORN before last year's presidential election Obama promised to call on them during the transition and promised they would have "input into the agenda of the next Presidency of the United States of America".

Can we conclude that part of "the agenda" of the Obama Presidency is advising criminals on how to get a tax break by importing 14-year-old Salvadoran girls for the purposes of prostitution?

No. Of course not. But still. We can't wait to hear White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs describe how this whole thing is somehow George W. Bush's fault.

Rich Galen

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