Rich Galen

I think I'm beginning to get how this works.

It works like … Chicago!

Unfortunately for Da Mayor of all the American People, the U.S. Congress isn't likely to roll over like a bunch of in-his-pocket Aldermen. The co-chairman of the House progressive caucus, Rep. Raul M. Grijalva (D-Ariz) was not thrilled to find out that while he has been working the halls of Congress, the White House has been working the watering holes of K Street.

Mr. Grijalva whined to the Times:

"Are industry groups going to be the ones at the table who get the first big piece of the pie and we just fight over the crust?"

Well, not to put too fine a point on it but … yes, Raul, put in your Sunday teeth and learn to enjoy the crust. It's all you're getting.

The insurance companies, who have been a recent talking point in Obama's speeches, have not lined up to cut a deal the way the drug guys have. Thus, they are being singled out.

Will the insurance companies get any help from the pharmas? Yea, right. According to the Times piece, having made its own deal, the drug industry's "lobbyists acknowledge privately that they have no intention of fighting" nationalized health care.

I don't blame the drug companies for making a deal. That's what lobbyists are paid to do. I do think that Mr. Obama might use his summer vacation to straighten that halo just a little bit.

Rich Galen

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