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There was no such plan. According to the Washington Post's Al Kamen: Turns out, as this paper reported Monday, that no one in Nicaragua has been able to find any super-embassy, and they've been looking hard. "We don't have an Iranian mega-embassy," a Nicaraguan official told The Post. "We have an ambassador in a rented house with his wife."

Oops! Sort of reminded me of that fiction Mrs. Clinton claimed during the primary season that she and Chelsea had been under fire when they went to visit U.S. troops in Bosnia.

"I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base."

Unfortunately, there was video footage and contemporaneous coverage of Sen. Clinton being greeted by children with flowers upon her arrival. The only reason her head was down was to give a little girl a thank-you hug.

Ok. Overstatement happens. I, myself, am guilty of having claimed that I went to Iraq for six months. Yeah. Right.

Secretary Clinton made a foray into India this weekend to meet with Indian officials on their commitment to fight what used to be called "global warming" but which is now called "climate change" because so many places on the globe are not warmer than they used to be.

According to the Washington Post, a photo op went awry when the Indian Minister of Putting Crap into the Atmosphere,

"declared that India would not commit to a deal that would require it to meet targets to reduce emissions… 'India's position, let me be clear, is that we are simply not in the position to take legally binding emissions targets,' he said."

After what should have been rehearsed happy-talk, Clinton visited a "green" building which, according to the WashPost is the "headquarters of the hotel division of Indian tobacco giant ITC Ltd."

Maybe it's because I'm looking for trouble here, but who in the U.S. Embassy in India, in the State Department in Washington, or in the White House Office of Stopping India from Putting Crap into the Atmosphere thought it was a good idea to make the case for global health by having Clinton visit a subsidiary of a major … tobacco company?

Hillary is being set up to look silly. She should renegotiate her deal.

Rich Galen

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