Rich Galen

Oh. This poll was taken in Ohio which, as you know, is the Novocheboksarsk of middle America.

On his handling of the economy, Obama's approval has dropped from 57 percent in May to only 46 percent now. That means that the "It's all Bush's fault" defense is losing credibility.

The most troubling numbers in this poll for Obama aren't how Republicans see Obama (19% approve, 75% disapprove) or how Democrats see Obama (85% approve, 11% disapprove).

The problem for Obama is those pesky independents among whom he trails in approval 38% approval to 48% disapproval.

As a reminder, as George W. Bush was leaving the White House in January the Washington Post/ABC News poll put his approval rating at 33%. In Ohio, among Independents, Obama is approaching Bush numbers.

Back to Admiral Mullen who really had important things to say about Iran. Not the least of which was his statement that his biggest worry is Iran getting a nuclear weapon which Mullen said "would lead to a de-stabilizing nuclear arms race in the region."

What can we do? He said that "all options are on the table." He paused, and then added, "including the military option."

A reporter from the Wall Street Journal picked up on that verbal underlining as I had and asked Admiral Mullen about it.

Mullen tried to blur the point, but he didn't back away from it. He said the time frame for Iran successfully developing a nuke was between one and three years. "The clock is ticking," he said. "The time window is closing."


I wonder how many Delta Frequent Flier miles it takes to get to Novocheboksarsk?

Rich Galen

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