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CK: Um, you know, I'm not really going to answer those kinds of specific questions. If I'm chosen for this, I'm going to comply with every kind of disclosure that's available.

Q: You're from one of the most famous Democratic families in American history. How will you treat Republicans in the Senate or in New York?

CK: It hasn't been sort of a partisan kind of career that I've had. So I think that at this point in time, that's what people are looking for. I think that's one of the things I have learned from my uncle. I mean, he's worked with Republicans, Democrats, anybody who can get the job done. Q: What about Mike Bloomberg? I mean, you worked in his administration.

CK: Yeah.

Q: NC: Do you plan to vote for Mayor Bloomberg in 2009?

CK: I plan to vote for the Democrat.

Q: What if he doesn't get on the Democratic line?

CK: I plan to vote for the Democrat.

Actually, almost every answer ascribed to Ms. Kennedy is taken directly from the transcript of the interview she did with the New York Times over the weekend. I combined some answers and cut some others up, but they are a true representation of her lack of knowledge of just about anything connected to the job of being a U.S. Senator.

I did a Fox hit with former Democratic Congressman Marty Frost yesterday. His principal defense of Kennedy for this job was that she endorsed Obama so she might be more money for New York.

Two things should be clear to everyone:

1. If her name were Caroline Schlossberg, no one would be taking her seriously.

2. If her party affiliation were (R) instead of (D) the Saturday Night Live writers would be working feverishly with Tina Fey to skewer Kennedy next weekend based upon her abysmal lack of any qualifications for the job.

Rich Galen

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